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app design

to design an application for Chennai-based brand Swappcycle, a barter-based peer-to-peer marketplace for pre-loved fashion, which aims to become an inclusive platform for men, women and kids of all ages and body types. 

The challenge

Skills used
Research / UI/UX design

August 2022


June 2023


SwappCycle: the process

(or, here's all the ideas I cycled through on the way to designing the app)

  • Chennai-based startup SwappCycle is an online barter-based marketplace for cash-free exchange of pre-owned clothing and accessories between people. Swapping is an affordable, fun and sustainable alternative to shopping, whereby users can derive value out of clothing and fashion accessories that they no longer use, in return for products from other users that they would like to have!

    By swapping instead of shopping, you prevent generation of carbon footprint, and grant a fresh lease of life to deserving items that would otherwise end up in landfills! Remember: swapping over shopping helps save the planet (even if it's just a little)!

  • We wanted to make the SwappCycle app interactive, visually appealing, and easy to use. With a swipe function similar to popular dating apps, users can swipe right or left on items that appear on Swapp's customized deck, generated in accordance with your preferences.

    Swapp uses a super cool matchmaker algorithm that can create Chains of Swappers! Swapps can involve upto four users exchanging seamlessly among each other. 


    Swapp will find the best matches for you based on your interests and propose them to you, bringing the right item in the hands of the right person. It's literally that easy!

  • While crafting wireframes, I placed emphasis on making each screen inviting and intuitive, with clear navigation and prominent calls-to-action. I created user profiles, where I mapped out sections for profile pictures, bios, and listed items available for barter. With item listings, I design filters for easy browsing and include options for initiating barter offers.

    For each item, I prioritized showcasing images and descriptions effectively. The messaging system wireframes outline seamless communication channels between users, facilitating trade negotiations. The barter process wireframes aim for simplicity, guiding users through selecting items for exchange and proposing terms.

  • ​With Swapp's app, we wanted to create a product that is:

    • Easy and Effortless to use, bringing an ever-growing community wardrobe delivered to your doorstep.

    • Thrifty and nifty, giving users a way to stay trendy. Why flick it if you can flip it?

    • Fun and Fresh! Swapp heroes barter, which is a new and exciting way to consume fashion!

    It's a cool new way to stay on top of trends. Plus, your purse (and the planet) will thank you!



Swapp opening image.png
swapp mockup.png

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