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Katniss Everdeen

a typographic narrative

to create a typographic narrative surrounding a persona, with the final outcome being a four-spread newspaper layout unique to the chosen person. The typography itself was explored via images, locations, and textures that hold special significance to that character.

I chose Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist of the Hunger Games.

The challenge

Skills used
research / typography

Prof. Sohee Kwon

SCAD Atlanta


Summer 2023


The girl on fire

Native to a district in a world where children are pit against each other in an arena to fight for their lives, Katniss outsmarts the ruling establishment and becomes a somewhat unwilling leader of a rebellion she starts by accident.


From someone who struggles with her own image and avoids the spotlight as far as she can, to someone who takes center stage and leads the people of her country to certain victory, Katniss is a character with an incredible range of development and emotions.


Her story is one that I thought would be incredibly interesting to tell.

type and image

734 spread portfolio again.png


'Girl on Fire'

The first time Katniss is referred to as the "girl on fire" is during the opening ceremony of the Hunger Games, where she and Peeta Mellark make a strong impression on the audience with their costumes and entrance. This moment marks a turning point for Katniss, representing her transformation from a reluctant participant to a symbol of strength and defiance. 

Choosing my image

Katniss's stylist, Cinna, chooses the "girl on fire" theme for her public image during the Games, and clothing becomes a big part of her public persona. I used silken and satin cloth for my imagery to tie back to Katniss' bond with Cinna, and, after a few iterations of designs, I made it blue. This created both a contrast from the typical image of fire, but it also reminded me of blue flames, which are hotter and more intense, much like Katniss herself.

734 spread portfolio 1.png