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Century of Design: The Secession

poster + brochure design

The challenge

to create a poster and series of brochures surrounding an era of design, highlighting highlighting popular works in the style of the time and the artists who created them.

My era was the Vienna Secession.

Prof. Stuart Fano

SCAD Atlanta


Fall 2022


Fin de Siècle

With industrialization sweeping Europe and the United States with sensational rapidity, a period of constant change was borne of the transitions taking place between the Industrial Revolution and the beginning of World War I. 

The Vienna Secession was birthed from this era of metamorphosis and rebellion. In 1897, a small collection of painters, sculptors, and architects banded together to escape the conservationism that still maintained a chokehold over prominent Viennese art institutions of the time.

The artists

I knew right away that I wanted to hero the work of iconic Secession artists Kolomon Moser, Gustav Klimt, and Joseph Maria Olbrich. As founding members of the Secession and masters of their own field, they were committed to a more innovative view of the arts. 


I was heavily inspired by the many (many, many) patterns created by the artists of the Secession. There were so many of them - in fact, too many to choose from, and so I began to collage them together, using larger works from Moser, Klimt, and Olbrich as a base.

the poster

the brochures

final media

secession mockup 1.png

(there's a lot more where that came from.)

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