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type specimen

to design a type specimen booklet for a given typeface, creating layouts and designs that both honor the typeface itself and complement its characteristics.

The typeface assigned to me was Baskerville.

The challenge

Skills used
typography / publication design

Prof. Peter Wong

SCAD Atlanta


Fall 2022



Designed in 1754 by its namesake John Baskerville, Baskerville is most known for its crisp edges and high contrast. It is known primary for being a shining example of a transitional typeface, forming the bridge between more classic typefaces like Caslon and high-contrast, modern typefaces like Didot and Bodoni.

This type specimen seeks to display the beauty and elegance of Baskerville, providing insight into its history, characteristics, and usage.

Baskerville mockup 2.png
Baskerville mockup 3.png
Baskerville_book mockups-14.png

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